Solutions for School English Learner Programs

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Our flexible ELD solutions can be adapted to support a variety of educational uses, such as Designated ELD time, intervention programs, after-school/Saturday school, and home study. 

Language Tree Online ELD programs are designed for use by educators at schools, educational institutions, and virtual academies. That’s because we believe teachers hold the key to successful student outcomes.

We like to say that teachers are the pilot and our standards-based program is the co-pilot. You determine how and how often to use the program. Our online video lessons and fun, interactive exercises can be used for whole-class, small group, or remote learning opportunities. And because our program is web-based, students can log in to their accounts to review and practice anywhere. As a teacher or multilingual department administrator, you can easily monitor progress and track assessment scores.

If more guidance is needed, you can tap into a variety of teacher resources, including weekly planners, proven instructional routines, and even professional development training.

What Makes Our ELD Solutions Unique?

We take a different approach by treating multilingual learners individually and holistically. Learn more about our ELD curriculum.

Individualized Instruction

We recognize multilingual learners possess varying degrees of proficiency due to previous schooling experiences. Students also naturally have strengths and weaknesses in different language areas. Our comprehensive ELD program starts with an in-depth formative assessment based on the latest ELD standards. This allows educators to pinpoint the exact language skills and functions where each student needs more support. Our connected lessons and instructional routines serve to effectively address identified language skill gaps.

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Aligned with English Language Development  Standards

To accelerate student progress through the ELD proficiency levels, the Language Tree Online instructional modules are aligned with English Language Development standards. This includes the latest WIDA edition, California 2012, Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS), NYS Next Gen ELA Standards and the Louisiana ELP standards.


Multi-Sensory Input

Providing equity of access for all levels of English learners is our goal. Therefore, we embedded multi-sensory techniques, such as video, audio and images, to enable learners of any proficiency level to easily comprehend lessons and instructions. To ensure that the learning experience is engaging and relevant to teenage learners, our online programs present realistic peer-to-peer interactions both in and out of the classroom. We also combine video instruction with fun, interactive features such as quizzes, self-recording and writing exercises.

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Acculturation and Functional Knowledge

The importance of acculturation should not be overlooked. Newcomers often face socio-emotional hurdles at school due to a misunderstanding of norms and expectations. This can make learning and integration difficult. We help students overcome the daunting aspect of entering the American school system by introducing school-related norms and practical tips. The American School Culture module for Newcomers combines knowledge transfer with functional vocabulary lessons to help students smoothly transition into their new school environment.