Online English Language Development (ELD Level 2)

Bridging the Gap for More Advanced English Learners


Intermediate and Long-Term English Learners (LTELs) in the secondary grades often have strengths some language areas — such as speaking or reading —but  weaknesses in others. As a result, learners may experience stalled progress in their path to re-designation, along with diminished academic achievement. Many struggle in their academic subjects due to language gaps or lack of subject-specific vocabulary.

Our approach with more advanced English learners is to solidify foundational English skills, and then layer on academic language and subject matter content. The Language Tree Online ELD Level 2 program features lessons designed to develop the critical language skills needed  “unpack” content in subject areas such as Math, Sciences and Social Studies.

ELD Level 2 is an academic year-long program for English learners with two or more years of study. This multi-sensory program features video instruction, interactive quizzes, self-recording and writing exercises.

English Language Development

English Language Development for Intermediate and Long-Term English Learners

Language Tree Online ELD Level 2 is a comprehensive digital curriculum designed to help ELD/ESOL educators:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual English learners in language areas tied to the latest ELD standards, including WIDA 2020, CA 2012, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs)
  • Accelerate students’ English language proficiency across both the interpretive and productive domains of listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • Support students’ applications of language skills in order for them to be successful in their subject area classes
  • Prepare English learners for statewide assessments required for re-designation and entry into ELA core classes

The four modules in ELD Level 2 can also be used anywhere – at home for remote learning or in the classroom. Downloadable instructional routines for synchronous teaching and student practice assignments make this a truly hybrid solution.

Module 1

English Literacy Assessments

Module 2

Foundational Literacy Skills

Module 3

Collaborative Listening and Speaking

Module 4

Language Function and Construction

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