How We Align with WIDA 2020

Are you a school or district in a WIDA state? Then you’ll be glad to hear that the Language Tree Online ELD programs are closely aligned with WIDA ELP standards. In fact, our program addresses some of the key themes in the WIDA 2020 standards, including:

  • Equity of Opportunity and Access through culturally-relevant pedagogy, scaffolded grade-appropriate content and opportunities for collaborative writing, listening and speaking
  • Integration of Content and Language with language lessons that integrate content across multiple disciplines (e.g., Sciences, Math, Social Studies) and encourage multi-modal communication
  • Functional Approach to Language Development by teaching learners how to use language for a specific purpose and for a specific audience
WIDA Standards and Language Tree Online

Grade and Level-Appropriate ESOL Curriculum

Our ESOL curriculum focuses specifically on the needs of multi-lingual learners in grades 6-12. It features realistic peer-to-peer interactions and topics relevant to teenage learners.

We offer two programs which cover language development expectations across the proficiency levels.

  • ELD Level 1 is designed for Newcomers and beginner level English learners with 0-24 months of ESOL study (see WIDA Prime V2 Correlation)
  • ELD Level 2 is suitable for intermediate level learners (2+ years of study) and LTELs who are struggling to achieve re-designation

WIDA proficiency levels of programsThe new WIDA 2020 proficiency levels reflect the idea that language development is not linear. Students will have strengths and weaknesses in different proficiency areas. Our comprehensive combined Level 1 & Level 2 program gives educators the flexibility to assign relevant modules to students to support individualized instruction.


Note: We do not offer a Level 3 as advanced learners in Levels 5-6 are at the point of re-designation.

What is New in WIDA 2020

Learn more about important updates to the WIDA framework. Watch this video featuring Mia Ariela Allen, founder of EduLiber and 4Ed Consulting. As a former WIDA correlation consultant, Mia will share her insights on:

  • The five WIDA Standard Statements
  • How does WIDA 2020 differ from the previous version - what’s new and what has stayed the same?
  • How do these changes impact instructional design and how we support our students’ content and language development?


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