English Language Development: Summer Intensive Programs

Getting Multilingual Learners Back on Track This Summer


Many of our most vulnerable ELLs have experienced significant learning setbacks due to the unprecedented educational challenges of the recent school year. Fortunately, districts are offering summer school and intervention programs to help English learners overcome learning loss. We expect more students than ever to take advantage of these summer programs.

We know that educators already have a lot to do, so we offer a ready-made summer curriculum for Newcomer/Beginner and Intermediate/Long-Term English learners.

Make sure your English learners get the most out of the condensed summer session. 

Language Tree Online Summer Intensive Programs

Our Summer Intensive ELD program is a structured 4-8 week curriculum designed to help educators pinpoint and address the language areas that students need the most support.  It consists of:

  • Standards-Based Assessments and Progress Monitoring

    • Online formative assessments provide insights into where you should focus instruction 
    • Online progress monitoring supports accountability and compliance requirements

  • Standards-Based Lessons

    • Focus summer teaching on the critical language gaps identified by the assessments
    • Select from a menu of lessons covering foundational literacy, collaborative listening & speaking and language function & construction
    • Assign complementary online practice to reinforce lessons

  • Instructional Blueprint for Summer Educators

    • Professional development training (1-hour included)
    • Week-by-week planning templates and recommended instructional routines

Learn more about our summer school curriculum. We will reply within 24 hours.